May 17, 2017

my shopping habits have drastically changed over the past few months. gone are the days that i spent $100 here, $100 there, regardless of if i loved it or needed it.  in a perfect world i could say that the tipping point was realizing how much money i was wasting but, really it was feeling like i had nothing to wear – even as i stood in a closet full of “options.” i didn’t really love 95% of what i had. and i found myself thinking, what is the point of having all these things if i end up wearing the same black jeans + black tops?
at first, it wasn’t easy to say no. as someone who (formerly) shopped as a form of therapy, putting something back or deciding against an online purchase was not just mentally challenging but, physically difficult. i had to constantly remind myself of the numerous reasons i shouldn’t buy it – i didn’t love it, i didn’t need it, it would sit in my closet for months before i got rid of it, i could use the money for something else, my husband would be so upset if i spent more money… whatever i had to say to put the shoes down, or x out of the tab on the internet. as time has gone on it’s become easier to pass on things. one of those reasons is the room i’ve made for items i seriouslyyyyy love, even if on the expensive side.

one of those items? this amazing jacquemus top. sitting on the hanger in my closet it looks like a typical blue shirt. when i showed it to a friend she told me her first thought was “why was that so expensive and why would you buy it?” but, when you look closer – its such a unique and beautiful piece. the shape, the detail, the construction, the fabric… its a “basic” made new. what you can’t see is that the shirt actually zips up the back – those buttons are merely decorative. the sleeves are oversized, the v is deep and the very sweet gathering on the shoulders is everything! its something in my closet that i would gladly put on day in and day out if i could.

these days, i have far less than i used to but, my closet is filled with things that are either staples (reliable) and / or items that i absolutely love. there were days it took me over an hour to figure out what to wear, now it takes me less than 20 minutes.  it makes getting dressed so much easier and enjoyable.

i paired my new jacquemus top with a high waisted relaxed, straight leg black jeans + strappy nude heels.

side note, can we talk about how long my hair has gotten? like a weed, friends, grows like a weed. it’s a daily battle to not schedule an appointment to cut it off. but, being able to let it airdry or knowing i can throw it up into a bun or braid when i don’t feel like doing anything with it has immense appeal. so for now, the long hair stays.

xoxo, J


Fabiana zalazar May 30, 2017 - 12:02 pm

That blouse is beautiful! it goes amazingly well with the entire look.

xx, fabiana


Milex Roj June 26, 2017 - 5:40 pm


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