April 5, 2017

in general, i am an unfussy person. i prefer minimalism, plaid food, clean lines, neutral colors…


so it is safe to say (and with no hesitation from me) that when it comes to “accessorizing” does not come easy to me. it isn’t easy for me and nine times out of ten when i attempt it comes off as completely inauthentic and contrived. i’ll look at the effortless way some of my favorite street style and style bloggers manage to make say… stacked bracelets, sunnies and a statement bag… look so on purpose and not the least bit over the top and wonder, how the hell do they do it? in the fashion world the rule is “accessorize. then remove one piece” but, what happens when you only want to WEAR one accessory? you end up like me, wearing nothing but the clothes on my back, the shoes on my feet and a smile (…sometimes).

but there are times i strive to be adventurous. there are mornings i wake up feeling motivated to take things a step further. i get dressed and think, this outfit is well and good – it’s fine but, how can i elevate it?

after putting on my wedgie levis and oversized zara blazer (WHICH, by the way, has become my new very favorite piece. it seems to match everything i wear which may or may not be coincidentally because i’m obsessed with it) and a white tee, i felt like i needed to experiment – make it a bit riskier and fashion-y (is that a word?). so after trying on things like green heels, gold hoop earrings, white girlfriend denim i came across my black, gold studded belt. as soon as i wrapped it around top of my jacket my heart raced.

call me dramatic but, fashion and style is an art form to me. it is personal expression, a way to tell the world something about yourself or how you are feeling. in my opinion, you can tell a lot about a person based on how they dress, you just have to care enough to look. and we are so influenced by how people dress – when you see someone wearing yellow, don’t you somehow feel happier, even if its something you would never wear? this happens to me a lot (which is why i made a new year’s resolution to add more color to my wardrobe). and i know everyone has had those moments when they put together something and feel “this is AMAZING!” and you carry yourself with full confidence the rest of the day or night.

anyway, as usual these days i finished the look with my go-to white sneakers. my slow and steady ascent towards title “gym rat” has been 99% positive for me but, the downside? wearing anything with a heel is a borderline chore. honestly, a chore. i used to be able to go hours in a pair of 4 inch shoes. now? i’m lucky enough to last a half hour before my feet start to go numb and i find myself longing for my my nikes. no matter.

as with everything in life, better accessorizing (and with originality) is a case of practice makes perfect. while i am certainly not planning on ever being the girl who consistently layers necklaces or bracelets or wear crazy sunnies with big statement rings – every now and then adding a little “something” to my look will only make what i wear feel a little more on purpose, a little more put together, a little more unique.

what are your favorite accessory trends? is there an element of your personal style you wish to improve?

xoxo, J

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sam collin April 6, 2017 - 10:35 am

Awesome pictures for an awesome look!!


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