February 21, 2017

besides the obvious appeal of scheduling regular massage appointments, i’ve learned that what i do for my body after a workout is just as important as the food i eat and the exercise itself. adding heavy weightlifting into my daily routine has meant more wear and tear on my muscles. getting a monthly massage has helped me heal more efficiently…

so it’s always a plus when a world renown spa is located just 30 minutes from your home.

going to mirbeau is like stepping into the french countryside where everything breathes peace into you.

i don’t know what i love most about this place. is it the plush robes and comfy footwear, or the eco-friendly yet luxurious hair + body products? maybe it is the state-of-the-art women’s (and men’s) room with intimate sauna and steam rooms or the always spotless and clean showers and bathrooms (who doesn’t appreciate a clean bathroom). or perhaps it is the co-ed meditative pool with the most comfortable lounges and delicious flavored water… or the outdoor jacuzzi that manages to feel cozy even during the coldest winter day (and at noon, the outdoor bar opens so you can enjoy a mimosa in the aromatic bubbling water). i wouldn’t say that i am an expert by any means but, whenever i visit a new spa i immediately find myself comparing it to mirbeau. and so far i have yet to find one that exceeds it.

and after 5+ massages at this lovely place, i cannot say a single one of them were “okay” or “average”. i haven’t had a facial or manicure at mirbeau so i can’t speak to those services but, if they are anything like their massages – i say go for it.

so if you are someone who loves facials or massages or lounging around in really meditative, relaxing, beautiful pools and you have not visited mirbeau spa in skaneateles, go to the link below and schedule a visit NOW!


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