August 7, 2017

it’s been about 2 1/2 years since my husband + i bought our home, renovating it top to bottom over the course of 4 months before moving in. walls were removed + walls were moved, new flooring was put in, an entire new kitchen was installed, new doors, new trim. the only room that was virtually untouched (other than painting the walls + trim) was our bedroom.

i remember a particle article i read during the time i was pouring over home design + decor magazines, online articles, interior design websites, pinterest, etc. it was about how bedrooms tend to be the spaces that get the LEAST amount of love. as homeowners, we tend to focus on the rooms that people see – kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms – when renovating and decorating. as you can see, our bedroom was clearly a classic case of neglect.

no headboard / footboard, plain gray walls, white curtains, an uncovered duvet, beige carpet. in my defense, my original vision was to have an all white, beige, light gray room with touches of wood. i wanted to eventually purchase a light stained wood headboard / footboard and purchase new bedside tables in a similar stain.

our old apartment had almost no natural light and when we found our house (that has a lot of natural light) i was on a mission to keep everything bright, white and clean given we had lived in a cave. but it’s so hard – actually, impossible, to change who you are and what you like. i have ALWAYS been drawn to darkly painted walls.

so last week when my husband + i decided to  finally give some love to our bedroom, i went back to my roots and what i love most and went DARK.

when i say dark, i mean dark. in fact, its the darkest color we’ve ever painted. i haven’t fessed up to this until now but, i was very nervous as zach started to put this color on the walls. i kept thinking … is it going to look like a cave? i tried to escape the cave feel for over two years! is it too dramatic? will it feel cold? but after putting the room back together, i have to say, i am OBSESSED. moody. enveloping. cozy. even though its dark, it still feels spacious and certainly more inviting than the all white, sterile bedroom from before.

other than the obvious change of color, we also changed the location of the bed. as it was, our pillows would fall between the bed and wall and the entire bed would move around as we slept so putting our bed in front of a window would have been impossible and just silly.

i found this DHP platform bed on for just $189 and with $60 in gift cards, came to a whopping $125 with taxes, etc. i love the dark gray linen fabric and the simple, clean lines. another aspect i love about this bed is that it doesn’t require a bedskirt ( i really, really really dislike bedskirts).

i updated the window treatments to a gray-blue, striped linen curtain + put a leather lumbar pillow on the bed (and a cute golden retriever pup), added in some green with house plants and some more warmth with a beautiful garden stool i found at marshall’s homegoods (just $40!).  overall, the entire redesign cost about $300.

if there is one piece of advice i can give about designing and decorating your home, it is this – stick with colors and designs that you absolutely love and speak to who you are. it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed when looking on pinterest and in magazines – there are a million different ways to style spaces – trust your instincts!


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Chloe August 7, 2017 - 12:54 pm

Love this Jen!! The colors and decor are amazing!


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