July 26, 2017

i am finally getting around to blogging part II of my mexico trip last month! i wanted to use this post to talk about packing for a trip, specifically dressing with intention.

figuring out what to wear for a vacation can be stressful, especially for those of us who care deeply about what we wear! planning ahead is key, whether you start thinking about your wardrobe a week, two weeks or a month before you leave. i find that waiting until the last minute makes the process more difficult and stressful. i always start with a bulleted list broken up into the days i will be there, keeping in mind what i’ll be doing each day. here’s the list i made :


  • airport
  • swimsuit
  • coverup
  • dinner


  • swimsuit
  • coverup
  • casual
  • dinner


  • in-town
  • swimsuit
  • coverup
  • zach’s birthday dinner


  • pajamas
  • undies | bras
  • jewelry


from there i will systematically go through the list, checking off each bullet point. making a list also helps those who overpack ( i used to be the worst) and chances are, if you overpack its because you feel you have nothing to wear – which won’t change when you arrive at your destination. it’ll be frustrating trying to put something together when there’s numerous options, none of which you really love.

the second part of packing for a vacation may not apply to everyone but, for those of us fashionistas out there – it’s something important to consider : the location of where you are going.

what i mean is, think about the climate and the culture of where you’re heading.

i’ll admit, packing for this trip was difficult for me. bright vibrant colors first came to mind when dreaming of mexico – off the shoulder, flirty hemlines, skirts, dresses in light fabrics to stay comfortable in the heat. but, as you can see in my last post, the hotel where we stayed did not necessarily have authentic mexican vibes. it was clean, streamlined, minimal, architectural. i went back and forth between the sort of look i wanted to pack and ultimately with pieces that worked with the style of the hotel as that is where we spent most of our time.



this was one of the first pieces i bought for my trip. i had seen it online at free people ( here ) before deciding to go to mexico but, knew it would be a silly purchase to make – i had no where important to wear it! but once those tickets were purchased and the hotel booked i bought this formal dress. it’s honestly even more beautiful in person – photos don’t do it justice – hand sequined in silver, cream and gray sequins in a square pattern. the straps and hems were a very pale gray, nearly white chiffon fabric.

once i decided to go for outfits that complemented the hotel vibe rather than a traditional mexican one, i had to figure out if i wanted to go with brighter colors that would pop against the clean palette of mar adentro or go with neutrals that would “blend”. it was important to me to not overpower the truly beautiful location we were staying and, it can’t be a surprise to anyone who knows me – i don’t wear a lot of color – so i went with the latter.


LOOK(S) #2

swimwear! i knew that the majority of this trip would be spent in or around the water so, packing more than one swimsuit was a must for me. again, neutral and simple were key! the black suit is from HM (unfortunately not available anymore), coverup from free people via asos (here), white suit from varley (here) and strapless black suit from ASOS(here) ! the coverup shown below is from anthropologie (here) and basically the only color i wore while on the trip. it was lightweight, breezy and really comfortable to wear in the mexican heat. even though it was blue, i felt it still fit in the color scheme of the hotel and wasn’t too bright or overwhelming.


on our last day in mexico we wanted to visit the small town of san jose del cabo, just a 1/2 hour walk from our hotel. it was a nice change to wear actual clothes after  living in bathing suit + coverup looks all day for two days straight.

here’s an interesting observation i’ve had, and please comment below if you have noticed it yourself or disagree : only americans (for the most part) wear shorts anyplace other than the gym or the beach.

so when i started looking for an outfit to wear while walking around mexico, i only looked at skirts + dresses. originally i wanted to wear a gorgeous a-line, brightly colored strapless midi dress by anna sui but, by the time i went to purchase it, it had sold out in my size. after crying inside for a bit, i spotted this milly dress on Lunss(here) and loved the corseted style and shape of the dress. bonus : it is mainly made of cotton so it was incredibly lightweight and easy to wear. it was blistering hot our last full day when i wore it. there is nothing worse than feeling like your clothes are sticking to you and you can’t get comfortable – that was not the case with this look! i paired it with zara sandals that i’ve pretty much worn everyday since purchasing them and a vintage gucci bag my mom gave me (how cute is it! love the shape). the only option was to wear my hair up and after hours  in the sun, the white really popped against my tan skin.


the last featured look was my yoga / workout attire. i love wearing all white as much as i love wearing all black (the honest truth). its one of the reason i love the spring and summer seasons so much (although, winter white is a viable option for fall and winter – i just don’t have very much of it – fall/winter 2017-2018 goals!). the bra + bottoms are from lululemon. i love these bottoms because they have a small zipper on the back – i was able to put my keycard to my room in it – but would work great for keys if you’re doing a workout or run outside. the strappy bra would only work well for yoga – virtually no support and very low cut in the front.


i still wake up some mornings, nearly a month later, thinking “i wish i were were at mar adentro.” it was a dream vacation, regardless of how short our stay. BUT, exciting news : our next stop? ITALY IN NOVEMBER!

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