July 6, 2017

when zach + i travelled to italy for our honeymoon 4 years ago, we stayed at a beautiful hotel called the c hotel + spa. we thought to ourselves, “nothing will ever top this place.” fast forward a few years, we journeyed to the dominican republic to stay at sublime samana. again we thought, “this is the most beautiful hotel. how will anything ever compare?” until last week, we thought pretty much assumed that unless we had hundreds +thousands of dollars to spend per night at the most luxurious hotels, we would never find a place better than those in italy and the dominican.

seriously, we were so wrong.

mar adentro del cabo. mar adentro del cabo. mar adentro del cabo…

literally what my dreams are made of.

we arrived in san jose del cabo around noon last sunday, made our way through customs and jumped in a taxi to travel to the hotel. i was screaming inside – we could not get their fast enough. one of the things i pride myself on is my ability to find some great hotels at a relatively reasonable price (i.e. c hotel + spa, sublime samana, hotel zeppelin in san francisco just to name a few). when zach + i decided to take a trip this summer, i copiously searched for hotels and airbnb’s everywhere from arizona to portland, aruba to mexico. it was during my search of mexican hotels that mar adentro del cabo scrolled across my screen on small luxury hotels (slh.com). friends, my heart skipped a beat… maybe even a couple of beats. white, bright, clean, minimal, incredible detail, with touches of beautifully stained wood, natural elements, cement, black, gray, and the slightest bit of green from plants + blues from the sky + sea. if you’ve seen the inside of my house, or if you’ve taken even the briefest look at my wardrobe you will see that everything i prefer, that i love and adore and cherish, is mar adentro.

i had narrowed it down to two places to show zach but, in my heart, i was praying he would choose mar adentro.

luckily, he did.

as the car drove up a small hill to the entrance of the hotel i breathed a sigh of relief. even the entrance to the hotel was amazing – architecturally simple but so lovely. to the right was a beautiful onyx table, built into the surrounded cement walls where a valet awaited to take your bags into the lobby. to the left (pictured here) was a long narrow walkway that took you down to the main street below.

as soon as i breathed a sigh of relief, my breath was taken from me altogether. we entered the main lobby of the hotel. this was the view :


yeah. need i say more? towering white buildings surrounded a pathway that looked like it was floating in dark blue water. the lobby itself was as white and clean and bright as it looked in the photos that first enticed me. there were no windows or doors – just wide open to the view, the sound of the ocean and the relaxing music playing everywhere around us.

we checked into the hotel + received a free upgrade (we booked through small luxury hotels – as a member you are eligible for a complimentary upgraded room depending on availabilty) because, as it turns out, we were there during their slow season (literally, so slow, we saw maybe 10 people the entire time we were there).

our room was huge – probably about half the size of the first floor of our home. it was ENTIRELY WHITE. white couch, white tables, white floors, white walls, white linens, white kitchen cabinets, white bathroom with just a pop of wood from the stained wood headboard and a beautiful black lacquer tv mount that spanned the entire wall from bedroom to living area. at the end of our room was a large wall that was entirely a sliding glass door that led to a private outdoor space, complete with a deep soaking tub, a large bed and a table with ottomans. unfortunately i didn’t get any photos of this space (i was just too damn excited to be there). but, if you haven’t already, check out their website to see their rooms – the photos don’t lie. the accommodations are seriously. that. beautiful. 

after settling in we immediately went to explore the grounds + get catch some sunshine before dinner. as you can see from the photo above, we could not WAIT to go swim in that pool and relax on those loungers!

but first, some more about the grounds. it’s hard to see in photos but, the ovular space directly in front of the pool was the kid’s pool. to the left there was a path that went down underground, going underneath the large expanses of water you can see above which took you down to the beach. along the way there were beautiful potted palm trees and other plants. this is also where they are building the villas, each with their own pool and private sandy beach area.

this was one part of the pathway that led to the beach. on either side are villas and even more pools of water that mimic those from the main pool area. again, its seriously as unique and breathtaking as it looks in photos – cement structures that are huge but don’t seem menacing in the least.

the walk to the beach from the pool area was a pretty long walk. there are probably 25+ villas being built that are either 5,000  to 6,600 square feet between the main building | main lodging + the ocean – just to give you an idea of size and scope!

and then, it opened up – more sky than concrete – and you walked through a nest-like space straight onto the beach. we were told by a guide at the airport that the ocean in san jose del cabo has huge waves most of the time making it very difficult to swim (which turned out to be true. but, the pool areas were so stunning i didn’t feel robbed not being able to swim in the ocean). but it was still an amazing sight.

it’s nearly impossible to pick one feature of this incredible hotel that was my favorite but, if i had to choose, it would be ‘the nest’. situated in the middle of water it was the hotel’s main restaurant that served breakfast, lunch and dinner. it was entirely made of branches that were woven together to create the most interesting space i’ve ever seen.

speaking of breakfast, lunch and dinner – for those of you who are thinking “yeah jenn, great, visually beautiful – but what about everything else?” … the food blew me away. all the ingredients were fresh and their menu varied from day to day so you never had to order the same thing twice if you didn’t want to. one thing i would note – the cuisine seemed more like american food with a mexican flair rather than authentic to the area. room service was almost entirely american – turkey club sandwiches, hamburgers, french fries, pulled pork sandwich, etc. if you plan on booking your own trip – always order the fresh pastries during breakfast. my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

i cant begin to stress enough how amazing mar adentro del cabo is. it’s as beautiful as it looks in photos but photos don’t do it justice at the same time.  i’ve never stayed somewhere that left me breathless every time i woke up. everywhere i turned there as another picture perfect vista or a detail i didn’t notice the first time.

and so i’m left saying, yet again, that was the most amazing place i’ve ever had the privilege of seeing…

nothing will ever top it.

xoxo, J
P.S. here are some of the websites that feature unique, beautifully designed hotels, B+Bs and villas.
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