June 22, 2017

i’ll admit – i am sucker for the latest skincare trends (and at times, health ones – has anyone heard of dirty lemon? if not, click that link to find out more). if you follow accounts fashion + beauty related, chances are you’ve come across raving reviews and articles about a miracle mask by hanacure.

4-5 months before my 30th birthday i woke up with a relatively deep wrinkle across my forehead. i was devastated (truly. no drama here) and immediately began investing both research time and money into an even greater skincare regiment. i have been using arbonne products for over 2 years (it got rid of all my adult acne within 28 days. yes. i swear) and i will never use anything else. but i wanted and needed more, so i jumped on the kbeauty (korean beauty) skincare bandwagon and started using sheet masks once a week.

but then i saw this article on i was transfixed. mainly because, seriously, look at drew barrymore’s face. specifically, look at her face with the mask on. it’s scary but you can’t look away! i immediately googled and instagram searched hanacure and anything related and found really amazing before and after photos. hook line and sinker, i purchased the mask. the only hesitation i felt was the cost – $29 for just one application! – but i thought, if it works then it is worth every penny. if not, i’ll never buy it again. however, that hesitation quickly vanished when i saw there was a one month wait time. everyone wants this mask. i better buy it.

turns out, that one month wait time coincided perfectly with my upcoming trip to mexico (i want clear, bright, fresh skin so i don’t have to wear much makeup).

for anyone who knows me, i am all about beautiful packaging and branding. some may think its ridiculous but, i won’t buy certain candles if i don’t like the container it comes in.

the hanacure box + its contents are beautifully designed.

IMG_6435.JPG IMG_6443.JPG

instructions were written on the back of the box as well as in a pamphlet inside that also had drawings with clear and concise steps on how to make the mask as well as the proper way to apply it.

when i first saw small capsule + pouch i thought, how is this going to cover my entire face? IMG_6449.JPGto top it off, the instructions stated to brush the product onto your neck and the back of your hands as well. i didn’t think there was any way it would cover all of that surface area (i have a really large head, very large face – one size fits all has never, ever worked for me). however, there was more than enough.  i even had enough to apply another coat to my face! the brush is incredibly soft and the gel has a nice but not terribly strong odor. once applied, you’re instructed to engage in limited movement to allow for maximum results. so i sat on the couch for 30 minutes unable to speak, eat or mouth breath (yes, i’m a mouth breather).

now comes the fun part. seriously! and i give everyone permission to laugh or look away in fear.


within a minute of applying the product i felt an intense tightening sensation that lasted the entire 30 minutes the product was on my face. i also felt a slight tingling sensation around my cheeks (i have sensitive skin there from damage) but, i’m not sure if that happens to everyone who uses it. my face looked like it had a layer of 80+ year old skin sitting on top of it – cracked, wrinkled, blotchy. i was so entertained by it that i sent multiple photos to my husband who was not at all amused – just scared (“what the hell is that”) was his initial reaction.

a couple of suggestions : i wouldn’t use this product unless you have a solid 30 minutes to do sit + do absolutely nothing. the slightest movement quickly reminds you of how tight your face really feels and while it’s not painful it is certainly uncomfortable.

second, i would do this in the evening or early morning if you have nowhere to be right away. it is intense and for me personally, when i put myosin through something serious, i like to give it an hour or two before putting on makeup and/or going out in the sun / exposing my face to the elements.

after 30 minutes i gently and thoroughly washed the product off my face, neck and hands and hair wigs.. it comes off really easily so there isn’t a need to scrub or aggressively rub away the mask. as i said before, i have some damage to my cheeks and after removing the mask i did see some redness in areas that i felt tingling. but, right away i noticed a few things. first, my skin was tighter. two, existing breakouts | pimples were dramatically smaller (and 24 hours later, have reduced even further in size). three, i glowed, sister. seriously glowed. 

IMG_6733 360 lace wigs

i 100% recommend this product. in my opinion, it was worth it and lived up to the hype.

xoxo, J



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